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How I knew I was Transgender


j0eycans : Just found you today and have been going through your videos, immediately won over by how thoughtful and beautiful (inside and outside) you are. Honestly very shocked to learn in this video that you went through male puberty before you transitioned! I was sure you must’ve been someone who transitioned extremely young.
Chloé Rei : For me transitioning was a matter of life or death. I spent months trying to find a doctor to help me transition. Everytime I was refused I would break down bawling. Even up at work in front of everyone. I felt, so helpless. I seen no hope and was about to give up on life all together. When I found my new mom. That is what I call my HRT doctor. If it was not for her. I would not be here right now. It was that bad.
Mette Wybrandt : I want to know - how are you all coping with society? Doesnt society makes you scared? I relate to this vid a 100% and I have wanted to transsision in many years now, but honestly im just fucking scared of the response. ❤
Dr Dimpy Rambo : did you transition for being a regular Gay to Super trans Gay??
PAVICH TV. : Biologically you should identify as bisexual because gay is not biological. And this man's dad probably wins every argument about this situation saying " my son is a f**** idiot" . In the very beginning of this video this man says I read a fifth of one article on JK Rowling's statements about transgender. Goes to show that you only go for a fifth of information and try to explain yourself using a fifth of information. Thank you for a pointless video that just pisses people off because you're so dumb.

Milan Stankovic - Trans (Official Video)

Label and Copyright: Mist Enterprises
Booking: +38765598621

Milan Stankovic on Facebook:
Milan Stankovic on Instagram:

Mist Enterprises proudly presents TOKYO TRILOGY
Part 1: TRANCE (Trans)

► Music: Jala Brat, Buba Corelli
► Lyrics: Jala Brat, Buba Corelli
► Arrangement: RimDa

► Video Production: Mist Enterprises
Executive producer: Milan Stankovic
Director: Milan Stankovic
Editing: Ljubba
Director of photography: Branislav Pecaranin Bandzi
Assistant of DOP: Rebi
Crew: ADL (Takada Genzaburo, Aikawa Mako, Ogura Fumiya, Takeda Yuma)
Trance Girl: Izuka Karin


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Trebaš mi noćas,
hitno ko nikad dosad.
Imao sam loš dan,
popravi me, loš sam.

Sve moje noćas belo je,
odelo, rendž rover i tozla.
I nikad nisam prodao kilo, 
al' se osećam ko Sosa (Toni Sosa)

Ma to je bruka,
to što ti mi radiš danima.
I na sto muka me navučeš,
nisi naivna. 

Sve sto radiš, 
to nije normalno.
A ja još gori,
ja ne bih ništa moralno.

Baci me u trans, 
na to sam navikao.
Ja znam da nemam šanse,
moja zla barbiko.

Mala se fura i nije cura,
koja se plaši.
Lice glamura, vrti se tura,
radi je koka i votka u flaši.

Svaka je noć za nju avantura, 
nema cenzura, snima, sve kači.
Po klubu se gura, pjana tetura,
zbog nje se potežu i obarači.

Zabranjeno je svako kopiranje video i/ili audio snimaka i postavljanje na druge kanale! Copying, re-uploading and illegally distributing this copyrighted work is strictly prohibited!
Сандра Полексић :
Сандра Полексић : Suqer
Dragana SJ : Milan trenira distancu i maske dve godine pre korone.....vidovito to , bre!
Jasmin Pavlovic : Lajk ko sluša u 2020
newenna : Nas Milance znao za pandemiju u 2018 pa nosi masku.

Wie ist TRANS sein in Berlin? | Transenstrich | Selbstexperiment | TomSprm

Ich habe mich als Frau verkleidet und bin auf die Straßen in Berlin gegangen!
Ich war Transgender und wir haben ein Prank gemacht!

Mein Instagram :

INSTAGRAM meiner Freundin :
السوري الحر : Bin stolzer araber
MaxFtm : Ich bin auch transgender ️‍Echt anstrengend das Leben
Larissa ; : Aiii eure schuhe sind soo geil haha
Robert Langen : 7:44 der Typ hahahahahah
Ibraahim Shakul Yare : Das ist nichts ok bru




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